While Beverley Mitchell the Actress has had many on-screen romances,  off-screen, her marriage to husband Michael can only be described as a real-life fairytale.  This sweet couple, only seems to be getting sweeter.

Recently, with the birth of their third child, Beverley and Michael have had to get creative about "date night".  While having three little ones running around is often a 24/7 pursuit, the couple still makes it a point to find time to be alone together.

Messages of support from Beverley's family, friends and fans are a big help.  They remind the couple even though it's not always easy, it sure is worth it!  Date night might not be a fancy restaurant and dancing till sunrise at the moment, but there is something to be said for snuggling under a blanket with your special someone, and just enjoying being together, being in love and being loved.